Integrated Leadership Academies

Integrated Leadership Academies: Creating Your In-House Leadership Development Program

Are leaders born or made? The leadership “nature vs. nurture” argument has always been a source of debate in organizational circles. Some believe that leadership is an innate skill - that leaders are born with the gift of leadership. At Cerulean Leadership, we believe that, while some individuals may have a more innate sense of leadership, virtually everyone has the potential - and responsibility - to be a highly effective leader, whether or not they step into a managerial role. As with the science of management, the art of leadership is essentially a set of muscles that virtually everyone in today's increasingly demanding organizational environments needs to develop and grow.

Research indicates that organizations providing robust leadership development for their employees significantly outperform their competitors. The design and development of a dynamic, experiential leadership development program that differentiates between the various levels of leadership across the organization is a complex task involving many moving parts. Leadership development programs come in many shapes and sizes. Cerulean Leadership will partner with you to develop a comprehensive leadership development program suited for your particular organizational needs.

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