Cerulean Leadership

Who We Are:

Cerulean Leadership is a team of highly experienced talent management professionals committed to supporting organizations in producing extraordinary results through new ways of leading, thinking and collaborating. We all share the belief that everyone in your organization has great vision and leadership potential and comes to work with a unique set of gifts and talents that can be leveraged to build highly satisfying careers and workplaces that are healthy, engaging and financially successful. Our goal is to foster greater leadership, authenticity and accountability across all levels of your organization.

What We Do:

Everywhere we go, we hear the same caveat from clients - “we're very different from other organizations.” As organizational architects, we have a great appreciation for the fact that, while people are the constant, each organization has a unique culture all its own, the legacy of those who came before and those currently working in the organization. Through our team of experienced practitioners and consultants, we offer a suite of integrated talent management programs and services which are highly tailored and customized to address your unique organizational culture, environment, and the needs and aspirations of your particular workforce.

Where We Do It:

At Cerulean Leadership, we leverage multi-industry experience in virtually all sectors - from private industry and government to higher education and non-profit - to share and foster best and next practices across our client base. Our consultants and practitioners have served organizations as diverse as:

  • Lawrence Livermore Laboratories
  • UCLA
  • Warner Bros.
  • Nike
  • Keck Medical Center
  • Disney
  • Starz Encore
  • Bose
  • Dreamworks
  • University of Southern California
  • Public Storage

How We Do It:

Cerulean Leadership's programs and services help organizations develop and implement real-time systems, strategies, structures and processes that make a sustainable difference and help you achieve your strategic vision. In concert with this, we help our clients develop or enhance the types of competencies needed to drive organizational success: leadership at all levels, visionary and innovative thinking, effective communication, interdisciplinary collaboration, and most importantly, the ability to architect organizational culture.

All of our engagements begin with a free talent management consultation and assessment to determine which programs or services may provide the best leverage for success within your budget. Our approach is root-cause oriented; we are dedicated to providing short and long-term solutions that capitalize on the low-hanging fruit while creating sustainable, long-term change.

Our Principles:

  1. Everyone has leadership potential - and a unique set of talents.
  2. Great leaders are great storytellers - they lead through inspiration.
  3. Highly effective communication and collaboration are key.
  4. People are committed to an idea or initiative to the extent that they participated in its co-creation - inclusion is essential.
  5. Imagination is the secret sauce.

To find out more about Cerulean Leadership's programs, please contact Jeri Wilson, Director Cerulean Client Relations, at 310-413-8773 or email jeri@CeruleanLeadership.com.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

- Peter Drucker