Talent Management Consulting and Training from Cerulean Leadership

Cerulean Leadership is a full-service talent management consulting and training organization committed to helping you achieve breakthrough individual, team and organizational improvements. We employ a staff of highly experienced talent management professionals that can help you produce extraordinary results through new ways of leading, thinking and collaborating.

Employee Performance

Engaged high performance employees create high performance organizations. Cerulean Leadership provides an array of talent management services designed to train and retain effective and engaged employees. Our programs tap the innate leadership, talent and genius of your employees and teams to create inspiring, conscious, healthy workplaces where producing extraordinary results comes naturally.

Cerulean Leadership

We are located in Los Angeles, California with offices in San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Our programs are available nationwide to organizations looking to solve a specific talent management issue or for a full spectrum of team, management and leadership development training and/or consulting. To find out more about Cerulean Leadership's Programs, please contact Jeri Wilson, Director Client Relations, at 310-413-8773 or email jeri@CeruleanLeadership.com.

Transformational Talent Management

  • A highly talented staff of diversified consultants and trainers at your fingertips for a fraction of the fees charged by the larger, name-brand consulting firms
  • One stop shopping for integrated talent management consulting and training services: no more need to work with an army of organizations to meet your needs
  • A transformational approach to organizational improvement that stresses high levels of integrity, accountability, and the cultivation of your employee's gifts and talents as the foundation of personal and organizational success