Talent Acquisition

Some organizations have mastered the art of screening talent for job and core competencies and even culture fit. Fewer have methodologies in place to address the differing levels of integrity, personal mastery and conscious awareness among the people they employ – at all levels of the organization. This organizational blind spot accounts for more workplace turnover, conflicts, lowered productivity, dis-engagement and general environmental toxicity than any other element of the human resource equation.

Talent Acquisition is the opportunity to build and develop strategies, frameworks, infrastructure, practices and thinking that will attract highly qualified, accountable and conscious employees who bring competency and vitality to your teams, and who have the ability to produce measurable results for your organization. Cerulean Leadership provides organizations with innovative support in the strategic and transactional areas of your talent acquisition function to improve, transform and optimize the way your company approaches hiring the right talent.

Talent Acquisition Infrastructure

  • Strategic planning and team building for your Human Resources and/or Talent Acquisition departments
  • Assessment, design and implementation, or improvement of, your talent acquisition function and infrastructure aligned and integrated with other talent management areas
  • Transformation of your existing team into an operation focused on quality hires and excellent customer service with a reduction in time-to-fill and cost-per-hire through continuous improvement methodologies

Executive Search and Recruitment

  • Assistance with workforce planning methodologies
  • Support with full life-cycle executive search and recruitment for all levels of your organization with a focus on the hiring of conscious, accountable and committed talent
  • Unbundled recruitment services, from development of job descriptions, position profiles, recruitment strategies and recruitment research to candidate screening and selection

To find out more about Cerulean Leadership’s Talent Acquisition programs and services, please contact Jeri Wilson, Director, Cerulean Client Relations, at 310-413-8773 or email jeri@CeruleanLeadership.com