Coaching Services:

Coaching is a strategic intervention that promotes success at all levels of an organization by enhancing individual and team performance, in turn creating organizational readiness. Cerulean Leadership provides leadership and performance coaching support for all levels of the organization, from C-Level and Senior Executives through middle management, first line supervision, individual contributors, and intact teams.

Our highly experience coaches generate performance breakthroughs by addressing the existing attitudes, assumptions, knowledge gaps and habit patterns that act as impediments to achievement of desired goals and outcomes. Cerulean Leadership coaches form an ongoing strategic partnership with clients to work smarter on defined goals and targets.

The following coaching programs are tailored to the individual needs of the executive, manager, supervisor, employee or team:

To find out more about Cerulean Leaderships Coaching Services, please contact Jeri Wilson, Director Cerulean Client Relations, at 310-413-8773 or email