Creating a Culture of Accountability

What is the level of accountability within your organization? Does it vary from department to department? Cultures of accountability don't happen by default - they are designed.

Without a clear understanding of the definition and dimensions of accountability, it is no wonder that both management and staff are often confused about where responsibilities lie in respect to driving and delivering results. Cerulean Leadership's Creating a Culture of Accountability program helps organizations build effective accountability frameworks that ensure alignment, engagement, teamwork and results.

Potential outcomes include:

  • Assess the level of accountability across different levels of the organization - from the executive team through management and individual contributors
  • Develop a strategy to build a highly dynamic and consistent accountability culture
  • Design and implement an accountability framework around ownership and deliverables, including systems, processes and structures that will ensure organizational alignment and commitment
  • Ensure alignment between strategic planning, goal setting and tracking, decision making, and follow through to results
  • Build a culture of empowerment and decentralized decision making
  • Develop strategies to heighten the capability and commitment of employees at all levels of the organization to maximize individual and organizational capacity and potential

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