Operational Excellence: Lean Systems

Lean Leadership: Operational Excellence for High Performance

At Cerulean Leadership, we offer the most advanced systems, frameworks, practices to achieve operational excellence within your organization. Highly successful process improvement and sustainability efforts of some of the most dynamic companies over the past two decades has created an enormous demand for practical application of lean thinking in non-manufacturing environments (e.g., healthcare, entertainment, distribution, consumer products, services, retail, construction, higher education and government). Our Cerulean Leadership associates have spent the last two decades helping to study, explore and formulate powerful approaches to building lean organizations, improving leadership, and inspiring people - or “Lean Leadership.” Our research and experience has found that other approaches are still locked into reductionist, oversimplified, and expert-driven methodologies that are simply not sustainable. The new science of lean thinking articulates a powerful pathway of organic, sustainable growth.

Lean Leadership: Operational Excellence for High Performance gives you the foundations of what you need to know about leading and managing organizations as integrated purpose-process-people systems. The key enabler is a powerful learning cycle (Learn-Plan-Do), a simple framework for solving problems, driving innovation, capturing learning, and creating world-class work systems.

The development path to create the “distributed leadership” required to drive the Learn-Plan-Do cycle will be fully presented with ground-level implementation strategies. We will also share with you the sustainment strategy necessary to fully appreciate, understand, and cultivate this new knowledge into personal leadership capabilities - empowering you to champion the efforts required to make a new level of lean thinking a reality in your organization.

Potential outcomes include:

  • Discover what differentiates the best-run organizations in the world
  • Learn to apply the Purpose-Process-People framework within your organization
  • Review the most compelling and effective best-practices in lean thinking
  • Explore why so many get overwhelmed by workload and time demands that sap strength, energy and creativity
  • Understanding the traditional organizational success “paradigm” - and why it is so hard to escape it
  • Learn about Change Leadership, Personal Leadership and Distributed Leadership frameworks and supporting research
  • Explore what an effective change path looks like
  • Gain new approaches and tools to integrate “change management” into our culture
  • Learn the Learn-Plan-Do cycle of continuous improvement and innovation
  • Work with lean thinking planning templates that can guide you forward, both personally and organizationally
  • Explore the “world of simplicity” - systems thinking for today's increasingly complex organizations
  • Learn what kind of leadership is needed to lead and sustain the transformation

To find out more about Lean Leadership: Operational Excellence for High Performance, please contact Jeri Wilson, Director Cerulean Client Relations, at 310-413-8773 or email jeri@CeruleanLeadership.com.