New Leadership Competencies

New Leadership Competencies for the C-Suite and Senior Executives

The role of executives at the highest echelons of the organization has transitioned from that of uber-manager to one of story-teller, facilitator, mentor, and coach responsible for aligning vision, fostering collaboration and creativity, developing staff and inspiring and retaining top talent.

Potential outcomes include:

  • Co-creating and aligning vision and strategy across the organization collaboratively
  • Building new leadership competencies such as story-telling, visioning, creation of meaning at work, and the ability to reconcile opposing viewpoints to build consensus
  • Transformational strategies for architecting organizational culture, managing change, and creating a more empowering, inspiring and healthy organizational environment
  • Development of effective organizational communication frameworks
  • Decentralizing decision-making
  • Approaches to unleash individual and organizational diversity, imagination, creativity and interdisciplinary thinking
  • Greater understanding of the art of leading and managing through others
  • Understanding and applying the concepts of organizational integration and differentiation
  • Ability to institutionalize the “symbolic frame” of leadership across the organization, which includes elements such as celebration, acknowledgement, and visual and inspirational representations of employee success and organizational culture.
  • Strategies for effective cross-sectoral leadership - the nuances of managing partnerships between private, public and government entities

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