Coaching for High Performance Teams

Teams are a system of individuals with varying talents, passions, beliefs, assumptions, worldviews, sensibilities, levels of conscious awareness, visions, strengths, weaknesses, and other elements striving to coalesce around a common set of goals. Because team dynamics tend to be quite complex and it is very difficult to be objective within the system, teams can often benefit from an external perspective and sounding board that can help the team create greater alignment, esprit de corps and sustainability. An expert in team coaching acts as a transformational catalyst that can help move the team to higher levels of performance and success. Team coaching is accomplished through in-person meetings or conference calls between the team coach and team members. Separate coaching calls with the team manager can also be very beneficial to help the manager more effectively build and/or lead the team.

Potential outcomes include:

  • Greater clarity and commitment to the team's charter (i.e., mission, vision, values and goals)
  • Resolution of team conflicts
  • Improved understanding of the team's structure, roles and responsibilities and what may need to change to provide the team with greater traction and velocity
  • Greater team clarity and alignment around organizational and operational strategies and execution methodologies
  • Greater understanding and honoring of agreed-upon channels and methods of communication and decision-making
  • Improved team communication, collaboration, and innovation
  • Greater appreciation of team members' talents and behavior styles and understanding and support of each others' shortcomings and improvement areas
  • Improved systems thinking and ability to deal with rapid and unpredictable change
  • Overall, improved ability for team members to get or stay in sync, in-the-flow, and delivering results with ease and grace

To find out more about Coaching for High Performance Teams, please contact Jeri Wilson, Director Cerulean Client Relations, at 310-413-8773 or email