Executive Coaching for C-Level Leaders and Middle Management

More than a few members of the executive suite and senior management earn their positions at the top echelons of their organizations through hard work, seasoned business or technical experience and expertise combined with high levels of political acumen and emotional intelligence. Unfortunately, all-too-many are shielded from the true feelings of their employees- an often fatal blind spot in the executive domain. The competencies that worked at a managerial level are not sufficient to navigate the levels of complexity required in senior-level positions. Cerulean Leadership's Executive Coaching for C-Level Leaders and Middle Management provides senior level leaders with experienced, highly trained coaches that can listen for blind spots, act as a sounding board for executive challenges, and help redirect performance to ensure success.

Potential outcomes include:

  • Greater self-awareness of one's leadership style and the impact it has on personal and team performance
  • Strategies to leverage leadership strengths and skill deficits to enhance performance
  • Ability to navigate complexity and lead across multiple organizational platforms
  • Ability to build and lead high performance teams and while managing, developing and leveraging top talent
  • Improved ability to operate at a strategic level while also keeping a finger on the pulse of ground floor operations to ensure flawless execution
  • An understanding of evolving paradigms in organizational dynamics from hierarchical, top-down cultures to more inclusive, empowering cultures - and how to architect them
  • An appreciation for the symbolic frame in organizations, the necessary organizational activities, stories, celebrations, artifacts, and other elements that are foundational to motivating and engaging employees
  • Greater ability to understand how to build networks across and outside the organization while staying connected to the rank and file
  • A greater ability to lead through influence and inspiration, build consensus